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Hoge 100 - Greentree ERP
Greentree Integrated ERP

Greentree is a suite of powerful business software that not only grows with you, it lets you work it your way, from anywhere you want to work.

Whatever your company size, or business function, Greentree ERP Software will help turn your business into a competitive, cost-effective powerhouse.

Sound perfect? It is...

Greentree is a completely integrated system at the forefront of business management packages; it includes Finance and ERP, CRM, HR, Payroll service management and eBusiness, all in one system.

Greentree will give your entire team access to all the operational intelligence they require to drive your business efficiently and cost effectively. By automating many of the everyday tasks within your organisation you will free up people for the development of new ideas and improve decision making.

Greentree serves thousands of diverse businesses across the world. Users manage the supply and distribution of millions of products around the UK, deliver insurance and financial services in the USA, keep airconditioning systems working in sub-tropical Queensland, sell seafood to New Zealanders, and much more.

Hoge 100 is a leading reseller of Greentree in the UK and offers first class support that is second to none.

Hoge 100 - Business Systems for Academies
Academy Business Systems

As far as finance is concerned, academies are small businesses and need robust financial systems. Our suite of systems is tailored specifically for Academies and encompasses everything you need.

Accounting System

Dimensions for Academies is a market leading accounting system in use by over 5,000 organisations including academies and MATs of all kinds.

It will help you to manage all of your key financial processes, provide all the power needed to run your school’s accounts and give an accessible ‘at a glance’ picture of your school's finances whilst being simple and straightforward to use.

Finance Portal

The Finance Portal takes the power of Dimensions for Academies out beyond the finance function to the user community that raises purchase requisitions or is responsible for budgets and approval of requests. Finance Portal is the ideal cost-effective solution for non-finance users.

Fees & Charges

The Fees & Charges system takes the tedium out of collecting cash and cheques for trips, school uniform, etc.

The system also generates invoices to ‘fee payers’ for boarding fees and is integrated with ParentPay giving a unique ‘all in one’ fees and charges system.

Hoge 100 - Bespoke Software
Bespoke Software

If our off-the-shelf business systems don’t quite fit we can develop custom software that is fully integrated with your core system.

Or, with 30 years of software experience, we can write a complete new system that will really deliver, just for you.

'Smart Client' Software

It is often assumed that developing business applications 'inside a browser' is the '21st Century' option.

But, whilst browsers provide an excellent, way to deploy simple applications, for more complex business needs the browser-based approach is expensive and can fall short on usability. Smart Client applications provide a much richer user experience, are less expensive to develop and maintain, and overcome limitations of using the Internet for data management.

Browser Software

If your business need is for a browser-based application we can help.

We have developed mission-critical browser applications for a whole range of organisations from small businesses to multi-nationals.

Mobile Apps

We have, for years, been writing 'Apps' for hand held devices using visible light, laser and RFID scanners. More recently we have used a range of mobile and tablet devices.

Whatever your mobile requirement we will have a solution.

Hoge 100 Business Systems - Box Office & Venue Management - Stage IT
Venue & Event Management

We have been writing box office and venue finding systems for many years. Our customers include county cricket clubs, theatres and some of the largest venue finding agaencies in the uk.

Box Office System

Stage IT is a Box Office and Venue Management system that proves everything you need for your theatre, conferencfe centre or leisure venue.

Whethere yoiu are are a theatre, conference centre, leisure venue or venue sourcing agent we have a system that is just right for you.

Stage IT is an integrated, off-the-shelf system that includes ticket sales, membership, point of sale, access control and event management. It is adaptable, easy to use, affordable nad ideal for theatres and conference centres.

Venue Finding System

We have written custom software for several leading Venue Finding Agencies. These include sophisticated MIS portals sthat enable our customers clients to view booking history and select from proposals

We laso have an off-the-shelf system, BookIT, for smaller agencies.