Bespoke Software

What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke Software is software that is tailor made for you, the customer. It's designed to be an exact fit with your requirement, which means that you don't have to compromise like you do sometimes with an 'off-the-shelf'; solution.

Software that is written for you can be based on your current working methods and using terminology that your staff are already comfortable and familiar with. This in turn can lead to a reduction in training times.

Custom developed software will be tailored to do precisely what you need.

What are the benefits of having software written for you?

More often than not you can find 'Off-the-Shelf' software solutions that provide many of the requirements that suit individual companies. Regardless of this, there will normally be a lot of areas of operation that require the company to work in a different way to fit in with the software available. This is less than ideal whereas having software written for your real business requirements from the ground up means that the software is tailored to your business instead.

Hoge 100

Smart Client Software

At Hoge 100, we have a wide range of skills that enable us to write many different types of office based computer software. We develop bespoke software applications using rapid application development tools to meet our client's specific, often unique, requirements.

Primarily our software is written for Microsoft Windows based computers using Microsoft's .Net (DOT NET) software platforms. We are also able to provide software written in Omnis and Jade as alternative object-oriented software development solutions. In addition we tend to use and develop software for Microsoft's SQL Server database model.

Browser-Based Software

At Hoge 100 we have the skills, experience and knowledge to not only write bespoke office desktop software but also to provide large and complex web based software applications.

Web based software are basically websites that have complicated and in depth business process functionality. That is not to say they have to be complicated. Whatever your business requirement we are able to cater to you.

A typical example of the type of software we have provided in the past would be a site for booking hotel rooms or corporate functions.

Mobile Software

Some of the internet based software we have written has been designed at the clients request to be used by the organisation alone, meaning that it is unavailable for use by the general public. This type of software is useful if you have a sales force that are home based for example, or if you have staff that need to access your system from many different locations such as franchise offices reporting to a central location.

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