Hoge 100

The Gold Standard Finance System for Multi-Academy Trusts

A MAT Finance System with a Difference

At the core of Dimensions for Academies is Access Dimensions, a market leading commercial accounting system that is in use by thousands of organisations.

To Dimensions, we have added two extremely user-friendly web-based front ends that provide schools with all of the facilities that that they need for the efficient financial management of their school.

The result is a comprehensive, easy to use financial management system that is ideal for academies and MATs; there's a sophisticated accounting system for use by the central finance team and easy to use systems for use in the schools for control of procurement, authorisation, budgetary reporting and the other financial transactions normally carried out by schools using spreadsheets and paper.

To back up all of this there is superb support; support that is second to none and available with a simple telephone call.

Comprehensive, Flexible and User-friendly:

  • Sophistication for the finance team
  • Web-based simplicity and ease of use in the schools
  • Superb support

A Market Leading Commercial Accounting System at the Core

At the core of Dimensions for Academies is Access Dimensions, a market leading commercial accounting system that is in use by thousands of organisations.

Dimensions provides all of the accounting facilities required by an academy or Multi Academy Trust, and more.

Access Dimensions:

Dimensions for Academies
  • A mainstream financial system
  • In use by thousands of organisations
  • Relied on by over 30,000 people every day
  • At home hosted in the cloud or local environments
  • Used by academies, MATs and free schools of all kinds
  • A single database for the whole MAT or separate databases for each school
  • Consolidation comes as standard

User-friendly Interfaces for Schools

Finance Portal:

  • Purchase Requests
  • Request Authorisations
  • Purchase Invoice Authorisation
  • Goods Receipts
  • Budget Holder Spend Reporting
  • Commitment Reporting
  • SLA/Contract Management
  • SLA/Contract Management

Fees & Charges:

  • Wraparound:
  • Breakfast Club
  • After-school Activities
  • Lettings
  • School Trips
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Boarding Fees
  • Miscellaneous Invoices

Our support is better

Whatever finance software you choose for your academy you will need help from time to time, particularly in the early months. When you do, you will need effective help quickly; not in an hour or two or next day or by email.

Our support is second to none. It is based on processes that we have developed over our 30 years existence and is provided by the same experienced consultants who implement the system for you and train you. When you call us, more often than not, the person who answers the phone answers your question.

We're here for the long term

Access is a substantial UK-based company with a turnover in excess of £120m. Furthermore, both we and Access are commercially robust; neither of us is reliant on just one market sector. We are going to be around for a long time.

You get the best of several worlds

The author-supplier relationship between Access and Hoge 100 means that when you're managing the financial ins and outs of a long school term; whether it's keeping the accounts or managing lettings or wraparound, we have a comprehensive, integrated system supported by a professional team that will help you along every step of the way.

Support is as important as the system and it’s our forté

01905 947257


Different? Really?

  • Our system is better
  • Our support is fantastic
  • We've been around longer
  • We'll be here for years to come

"We have used Hoge 100’s finance system across the trust since 2011.

Our finance staff have found it very user friendly and it is extremely flexible.

Hoge’s support is always available and everyone is helpful, friendly and accommodating.

The system has undoubtedly contributed to the successful financial management of OAT academies."

- Paul Nye
Chief Operating Officer
Ormiston Academies Trust

So, why buy our system?

  • Market Leading Core System
  • Support that is Second to None
  • It's affordable
  • Standard Academy Reports
  • Single or multiple databases
  • Single or multiple bank accounts
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Superb Integration with Excel
  • Documents can be Attached
  • Journal Import from Excel
  • On-line Help
  • Regular Updates