Access Dimensions sets your business free

A successful business needs many things. At the core, there must be a robust finance system you have faith in. It must inform you, enable you and accelerate your progress. That's exactly what Access Dimensions software can do for you.

Is your finance system holding you back?

It's one of the biggest frustrations many businesses have. If you don't run a solid finance and business management system that can grow with you, you'll compromise your goals.

You might not feel in full control of things. Your business growth might be hampered. Processes could take far too long, and fundamentally, you might question the integrity of your data.

It's not a good place to be.

Thankfully, you don't need to be there. We've helped a huge number of businesses overhaul their systems, supporting many to this day. We can help you too.


Take control with Access Dimensions

Loved by auditors and time-served chartered accountants, Access Dimensions is a sophisticated business management system that scales with you. Powerful ledgers are at the heart, giving you instant access to key information.

Processes are easy to use and workflows are automated, helping you speed through your workload error-free.

Everything's in one place and the full picture is clear to see. Flexible reporting gives you accurate facts to make informed decisions.

We help you develop Access Dimensions with your business needs in mind. That might include a bespoke-built front-end or integration to other internal systems. Your Access Dimensions system will work for you and grow with you. Everything's possible.

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20 years of Dimensions experience


Working with Hoge 100, you gain decades of experience. We love Access Dimensions and have developed it for a wide variety of business sectors. Our clients' budgets are better controlled, their revenues have grown, and they've got the clarity they need. There are no better ambassadors for Access Dimensions software.

A specialist software developer, we also provide additional platforms and integrations we've custom-built. You'll value our bespoke work and tailored approach as we create systems to suit your needs, whatever they are.

Beyond the provision of software, we're on hand every day for our clients. Known for friendly and capable support, phone us when you need help, be it a quick query or a complex request.

You'll be glad to have our team by your side.

Can we resolve your finance system frustrations?