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We've been working with Access Dimensions for 20 years and our support is second to none

Dimensions is a robust accounting platform designed to simplify important business processes and accelerate their completion with full visibility and efficiency. The accounting solution offers extensive integration with other business apps and systems.

The system automates time-intensive tasks and workflows, including the whole procurement-to-pay and invoicing life-cycles. This results in greatly enhanced efficiency without having to add back office headcount. By centralizing all your business information into a single hub, you are able to access all the data you need in a moment, as well as reduce or eliminate the need to re-key data helping to cut errors and omissions in your information.

Integration and Bespoke Front-end

We specialise in developing integrated bespoke front-end systems for Dimensions. These build on the inherent flexibility of the Dimensions system and its superb integration capabilities. We do this without making any changes to the core software, meaning that you can upgrade your Dimensions system easily.

Complex Purchasing Process?

Our purchasing portal provides site-wide purchase request, authorisation and budget reporting.

Cut costs, aid decisions. Access Dimensions allows users to identify profits and control pricing, budgets and orders, to maximise sales and increase revenue.

Support is our forté

To back up all of this there is superb support; support that is second to none and available with a simple telephone call.

Access Dimensions is at the core of Dimensions for Academies, a financial management system developed specially for academies and multi-academy trusts.

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Access Dimensions for:

  • Financial management
  • Asset management
  • Sales and billing
  • Stock control
  • Procurement control
  • Project costing
  • Flexible reporting
  • Easy integration
  • Academies and MATs