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Box Office and Venue Management Systems

The Home of Box Office and Venue Management

Hoge 100 has a long history of providing software for theatres, sporting venues, exhibition centres and showgrounds to help manage box office ticketing and membership requirements.

We also provide integrated database software in conjunction with our Box Office and Venue Management Software.

We are dedicated to creating high quality software and pride ourselves on our fantastic customer support. We like to think we're a little bit different to other software companies.

With over 30 years' experience in the industry, Hoge 100 now has a large number of customers throughout the UK.

Box Office and Venue Management Software - Stage IT
The Festival Theatre At Hever Castle

Box Office and Venue Ticketing Software

Ticketing is at the heart of Hoge 100's Stage IT Box Office and Venue Management Software and we provide our customers with all the tools they need to start selling tickets both online and face-to-face.

Our seat allocation feature allows you to create unlimited seating plans and you can schedule one-off shows or runs of events in just a few clicks.

We are a flexible and agile company and are quite often get asked to provide modifications and additions for clients who require something a bit different.

Versatile Box Office/Ticketing and CRM systems

The CRM facility in our system manages client relationships and company and contact data to allow easy access to all of their vital details and past, present & future activities. Drive marketing campaigns and keep track of communications with existing clients and prospects.

We understand leisure and arts organisations and their visions and are dedicated to helping these sectors. We will work with you to create a system designed around you and your needs.

To arrange a


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You'll get to see the simplicity and verstility of the system and quiz our support team to make sure it's the right fit for your organisation.

Hoge 100 Can Provide

  • Box Office
  • Internet Ticket Sales
  • e-Ticketing
  • Membership
  • Internet Membership Sales
  • Internet Membership Update
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Internet Merchandise Sales
  • Room Hire
  • Event Management
  • Contact Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Mail-shot Campaign Management
  • Visual Event Schedule
  • Email and SMS
  • Access Control
  • Attendance Recording
  • Attendance Analysis
  • Staff Task Allocation
Box Office and Venue Management Software - Stage IT - Northants Cricket Club

StageIT - Box Office and Venue Management System

StageIT is an integrated box office and event management system that meets the needs of theatres, conference centres and other leisure venues at a realistic cost.


The Box Office software provides all the functionality required to manage the ticketing of even the largest venue.

StageIT enables tickets to be sold from a graphical representation of the auditorium, or if you prefer it, from a simple drop down list with automatic allocation. You can set up as many price categories, venues, productions and performances as you like. Your needs are amply catered for no matter how complex.

StageIT makes selling tickets, memberships and merchandise easy for us both through the integrated website as well as from our box office. The fantastic support and intuitive software from Hoge 100 is a great fit for our club.

- Pat Mellsop
Commercial Director

Pat Mellsop, Kent CCC


In the Membership module, member's details can be stored on the system and membership cards printed if required. Membership cards can be credit-card style with a photograph, simple paper cards for laminating, labels for sticking in membership booklets or, indeed, no card at all. They can have a bar code or magnetic stripe for a loyalty scheme, access control or attendance recording and the system even supports proximity cards. Members' preferences, interests, purchases and attendances can all be recorded and used for marketing purposes with the CRM module. Membership renewals can be made by Direct Debit payment to ensure that your members renew again and again.

Conferences, Weddings, etc.

You can manage your facilities for conferences, weddings and other events.

Stage IT's facilities include room booking, equipment allocation, catering, services, staff allocation, task management and invoicing.

There is an event schedule showing day, week and month views of the event calendar.

Point of Sale

You can use the EPOS module to sell merchandise using touch screen POS terminals or in the main system at the same time as you sell tickets. Your merchandising is therefore integrated with the rest of the system so that you can not only see who your members are and who buys tickets but also which of them buy merchandise as well.

Integration with Accounts

In all the StageIT modules, information can be transferred directly to the accounting system and you can sell to account customers and invoice them directly from Access Dimensions if you are using the Accounting Module.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/Credit Card processing)

Adding EFT capability to your system means that every time a sales transaction is recorded, the credit or debit card transaction is also processed, reducing the time spent per transaction and the cash goes straight into your bank.

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers are the key to your businesses as much as they are to any other business. All successful businesses build their reputations on long-term relationships and satisfied customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business philosophy, not just technology: knowing your customers' needs will enable you to build better relationships and increase sales. Effective CRM requires an efficient and integrated internal business system. That is where StageIT comes in. StageIT CRM will help you most if you view it as a tool set that lets you to do more for, and get more from, your customers. The integrated CRM module is a valuable feature of StageIT. Sales and marketing staff can have access to all the available information about existing customers at the click of a mouse.

Hoge 100 Business Solutions - Stage IT

Internet Sales

Ticket, membership and merchandise sales can all be made over the Internet with the eStageIT module. eTicketing, membership renewal and online self-update of members' details are also available.

Access Control

Access Control allows you to control access using turnstiles, barriers or just standard doors. StageIT can tell you the exact number of people in your venue in real-time and prevents fraud and re-entry and attendance patterns can be monitored by recording details of when ticket holders or members enter your venue.

Got a Unique Venue Management Requirement?

Hoge 100

You have two options:

  • An 'off-the-shelf' system and make your processes fit the software
  • A specially written 'bespoke' system and make the software fit your processes

There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches so you need to take a hard look at the facts before making any move at all. It could make or break your business.

'Off the shelf' packages like StageIT will normally be run by many other users but bespoke software will be custom developed for your organisation to your exacting requirements.

It's usually better to use an off-the-shelf system if you can, because you get much better value for money and will ultimately benefit from other people's ideas and wishes. However, if your operations are a little more unusual and you find that the standard solutions won't fit, then all is not lost. At Hoge 100 we have the experience and expertise to work closely with you in order to develop and built a bespoke software solution which is specially written for your business.

What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke Software is software that is tailor made for you, the customer. It's designed to be an exact fit with your requirement, which means that you don't have to compromise like you do sometimes with an 'off-the-shelf'; solution.

What Hoge 100 can do to help?

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge surrounding the Box Office and Venue Managment industry. In addition to which bespoke software accounts for a big part of what we do and our expertise in helping our customers to create software for their businesses is second to none. To date, we have a vast array of customers in many different types of business.