Greentree Primed for Business

Greentree and Not for Profit

Charities are in the business of providing help and raising money for those in need.

Let’s be upfront. Running a not-for-profit is different from running a corporation.

Charities need a system with special facilities.

That's Greentree: A totally integrated system with everything that's required.

What is Greentree?

A major problem for charities is that most finance systems are not integrated with other parts of the business.

Operating in this sector, you will not be surprised to learn that virtually all products out there are just bolt-on bits and pieces with separate systems for functions like finance, CRM and donations. They don't properly integrate and some don't even do the simple book-keeping properly.

Greentree is a completely integrated ERP system at the forefront of business management packages; everything is in one system.

With Greentree your entire team will have access to all the operational intelligence that they require to drive your organisation forward efficiently and cost effectively. By automating everyday tasks you will free up people for the development of new ideas and improve your decision making.

Who Uses Greentree?

Not-for-profit organisations work in a world where every pound has to count. They need business systems that will minimise administration costs and ensure that every part of the business is running smoothly in an optimal way. Choosing the right management software system is critical; these organisations are spending hard-raised funds and can't afford to make mistakes.

Greentree’s visionary approach to managing the complexities a not-for-profit business has been widely embraced by charities around the globe including the UK. We, at Hoge 100, have also worked with many charities including Concern Universal, a major international charity working throughout the world and having complex accounting and project management processes.

Who are Greentree?

Greentree is an ERP business software company with a proud record of thirty years of business software. They are based in Auckland, New Zealand and have tens of thousands of users worldwide.

The Greentree software is not industry vertical market specific but provides capability across a wide range of customers, including some very large charities.

The Greentree product is intended for medium-sized organisations and distributed through a partner model. This network of partners comprises expert business partners across the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Asia-Pacific and North America.

Greentree's partners are business and technology addicts who love their work and sharing in their customers’ success. They look after the customers leaving Greentree free to work without distraction with the prime focus of making software that is primed for business.

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"Hoge 100 has challenged Concern Universal’s established systems and processes to help make them more efficient and streamlined."

- Viv Mair
Systems & Services Co-ordinator
Concern UNiversal