Online payments and more

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Removing manual entry for good

Your team probably manually creates activities or fee-paid items on the system. This all takes time.

By integrating our browser-based system, you're effectively publishing the sales ledger for parents to view. They make the payment, and your sales ledger is automatically updated instantly.

Without you doing a thing, the payment is posted against the invoice. You just move your cash through the control accounts.

There's no re-keying, the parents have done it all for you.

Nursery, wraparound and extra fees

Our self-generated income platform helps many activities within a typical academy.

Wraparound fees and dinner money are the most common in primaries along with trips. Whilst in secondaries, school trips (there's an online consent button) and lettings are most used. The system even caters for boarding fees and is perfect for nurseries.

Used as the diary management tool for wraparound care, the system sorts the invoicing for you. The staff also have a list of children to expect. In fact, the whole system takes care of itself.

Invoices created in the module are posted directly into the accounting system ready for on-line payment, and when payment is received it is posted directly into the accounts.


"By putting payment online, parents are doing all our keystrokes for us. The cash is coming into our bank accounts via WorldPay automatically. We don't have to do anything other than shepherd it through the control accounts and make sure everything balances."

Trevor Jones, Mercian Educational Trust

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